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 Creating Long-Term Impact in Football

Improving your confidence to become an international-level high performance coach

Know the 3 key pillars to successfully create long-term impact with your team and elevate your game as a practitioner in football.

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What you will learn in this Masterclass:

Shifting Mindset

How you will educate, empower and give the best tools for your players to be successful in their career

Establish Strong Relationships with your Staff

How to use GPS Reports and opportunities to build buy-in with your staff, have a voice and be able to perform your job effectively 

Working on a Multidisciplinary team

How to create the best systems in place to increase cohesion, buy-in and have everyone on the same page towards a common goal

  • Group on Slack App to receive resources and documents to support what you have learned from the class

  • Checklist document with practical actions following the class to help you apply the concepts you have learned in your practice



To you, a coach who works or want to work in football and:

  • Wants to feel more confident in your practice

  • Be more effective in your limited time with your players
  • Create a long-term impact and leave a legacy
  • To become an international/elite coach in the future
  • Know how to use your uniqueness to build a successful career 
  • Build a balanced, sustainable and healthier career in the sport
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Your mentor
Ivi Casagrande

Ivi Casagrande is a High Performance Consultant, currently working as a High Performance Coach for the Brazilian Women's National Team, Lewes FC Women, Technical Consultant with UEFA and FIFA and part of the Under Armour Expert Council. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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